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Zi Tailang is one of a characters in Dunk for Victories.


She is a wolf that has purple hair and two turquoise hair bangs in top and bottom, wearing white shirt, with black short jeans, and has a pair of black eyes.


Zi Tailang, is shown to be good at creating robots, however, she is also shown to be an undercover in the wolfs team in episode 51. She thought she would get her wish with her robot team and wolves team, but luckily with the goats' including one Wolffy, they tried in their best and won.


Her brother, Lu Tailang worked hard to win the Championships, but we defeated in the finals. Fans started to hate him and he eventually abandoned the team and locked himself in his room, staying there. Zi Tailang, saw her brother's depression and promised herself to win the next championships for her brother. That led to try to cheat after her coach told her to quit basketball. Dr. T contacted her and told her he could help her if she would give the dream to him. She did many things to try to move out all of the dangerous teams. It turned out that she was the one who poisoned Leopardess and made the food scarce in Tu Ke’ai's village.She was the one who told Lion Jay's Manager to turn him into a celebrity. In the end ,Zi Tailang Planned to cheat again, by trapping Weslie,Wolffy,and their friends on a two on two basketball game against mind-controlled Lie Yangyang and Slowy. If anyone lost, everyone would die.Thankfully, Victor got there in time and destroyed the system. Zi Tailang trapped him and planned to go to the championships by herself. The goats and Wolffy all escaped but robots caught Lie Yangyang and Slowy. They told the goats and Wolffy to go without them.Wolffy stayed behind to rescue them while the goats when to the championships. Zi Tailang transferred the talents of the Four Team Captains into her body, but she still failed. She had to be sent to the hospital because of the outbreak of the chip that gave her the powers.