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Xiao Lei is a character from Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation.


Before turning into the robot Heizuan, his skin was pink, his hair was black, and he was wearing yellow and brown martial arts clothes with a Tai Chi symbol in front of him.

After he became Heizuan, his skin was black and red, there was a horn on the top of his head, and his hands became electric drills, which were weapons.


Before he became Heizuan, he was very kind to his sister. He often played with her and gave her a bear doll. After becoming Heizuan, he became very indifferent and lost his emotions, but when Xiao Yu's tears fell on Heizuan's head and restored part of his memory, he would protect Xiao Yu for no reason.


Before he became a robot Heizuan, he made a bear doll for Xiao Yu and often played with Xiao Yu. He told her that when she is not happy, she will be happy when she eats sweets. But later, he suffered both losses due to fighting with Hantian and was selected by Dr. T and turned into a robot.


He is ready to start the 13th episode, and the 15th episode officially appears to help Dr. T collect the Xiangxing stone fragments. He suppressed the Mirror Monster as soon as he acted and defeated him in the next episode but met Weslie, who thought he may be Xiao Lei. He planned to take advantage of Weslie's cards but was saved by sheep and wolves.

Xiao Yu met Heizuan and planned to play hide and seek with him, but he ignored her at all. When Weslie and Xiao Yu went out to look for his brother, he met other sheep and wolves, planning to snatch the debris, but failed. Later, he walked to the city and met Xiao Yu.

Heizuan tore apart Xiao Yu's bear doll because he thought there were fragments in it, but Xiao Yu was possessed by the Xiangxing Stone and turned into a giant. His tears were corrosive. In the end, Heizuan recovered part of his memory due to Xiao Yu's corrosive tears and sews a bear doll for him. Only then did Heizuan return to his original form and coma, and an acid rain card appeared.

Heizuan fought with the spear, Xiao Yu suddenly appeared in front of him, and Heizuan protected her as he fought. The fight continued to the next episode, and the spear and the shield were strengthened a lot after the cooperation. Xiao Yu was worried about Heizuan because of Xiao Lei's previous experience, but Heizuan protected her before the spear hurt her and lost his reaction.

In the cave, Xiao Yu dropped a tear on Heizuan, and Heizuan regained his memory. Yingzi later reclaimed him.

Interpersonal relationship

Xiao Lei/Heizuan and Xiao Yu

Before Xiao Lei became a robot Heizuan, he made a bear doll for Xiao Yu and played with her often. He told her that when she was unhappy, she would be happy by eating sweets.

After he became Heizuan, all his memories of Xiao Yu disappeared, so he wouldn't bother Xiao Yu. Even if he becomes a robot, Xiao Yu still recognizes her and tries to let her take care of her many times, but to no avail, because she abandons her and hates herself. Later, Heizuan tore the Xiao Yu doll, and Xiao Yu hated it and mutated it. Later, Xiao Yu's tears were cast on Heizuan's head to restore part of his memory and repair the doll. Later, I will see these memories from time to time, protect her during the fight, and finally lose reaction to protect her.

He was later restored by Xiao Yu's tears. At the last moment of Heizuan, he called her "sister". When Yingzi came to reclaim Heizuan, she tried her best to let him stay but failed.

Xiao Lei/Heizuan and Dr. T

He was selected for fighting with Hantian and helped him collect cards after being transformed. It was abolished in episode 21.

Xiao Lei and Hantian

After fighting with Hantian, both suffered losses and were selected by Dr. T.

Heizuan and sheep and wolves

He tried to snatch the pieces of sheep and wolves but failed.

After the future was rewritten, Xiao Lei defeated his opponent in one match and won the championship.


  • His robot name Heizuan (黑钻, meaning “black diamond”) is a kind of bubble tea ingredient made of grass jelly.
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