This article is about the character in the main story.
For the character in Mr.Wolffy, Mr.Right!, see Wolffy (Mr.Wolffy, Mr.Right!).

Wolffy is the main antagonist of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


Wolffy is a gray wolf with an orange beret, a sly grin, a yellow bandana, black eyebrows, and some light grey on his ears and the tip of his tail.




Early experienceEdit

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With the goatsEdit

Wolffy is the goats' primary enemy, who tries and fails multiple times to capture and eat them. Most of the time, Wolffy is against the goats for this reason.


I will be back!
Wǒ yīdìng huì huílái de!
——Almost every earlier episode


  • His Chinese name, 灰太狼 (Huī Tàiláng), is a pun. "太狼"(Tàiláng) and "太郎"(Tàiláng) shares the same pronunciation in Chinese, while "太郎" is a common Japanese given name, Tarō. Tarō can literally mean "the first son" in Japanese. A Japanese name can sound aggressive in China, which is just suitable for the antagonist. (However, the aggression meaning is not strong at all now.) And "灰" (Huī) simply means the color, gray, the same as his fur color.
  • If you like, you can even pronounce his name in Japanese: 灰太狼(はいたろう), Haitarō.


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