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Wolffy is one of the wolf tribe, and the main antagonist of first 18 seasons of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. As of Mighty Little Defenders, he was sided by the goats and joining them to fight against the evil threats.



Wolffy is a gray wolf with an orange beret, a sly grin, a yellow or orange bandana, black eyebrows, and some light grey on his ears and the tip of his tail. He also has a scar that has been stiched up on the right side of his face, as well as a small curved notch in one of his ears.


Wolffy has been shown to be smart (especially in the field of mechanics) and somewhat cunning, despite his clumsiness. This can be seen multiple times where he has created various inventions, including traps and vehicles. He has also been able to trick the goats on occasion, despite not being successful most of the time in the end.

As a wolf attempting to catch goats, Wolffy is very, very determined, despite failing nearly every time and risking a hit from his wife when he fails. However as a husband and a friend, Wolffy is kind-hearted, if not a little clumsy, but had always meant well for those he cares about. He also strives to be a good example to Wilie, his son, despite others thinking that he is worthless as a wolf.



Early experience

In Moon Castle: The Space Adventure, it is shown that Wolffy and Wolnie had an arranged marriage. Wolnie had a test set up for her where if any male wolf could stand to eat a bowl of burnt rice, she would marry that wolf. Wolffy came into the building at night and ate all the rice, unaware that it would result in him getting married.

In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Wolffy was the descendant of Martial Wolf.

In Pleasant Goat Sports Game

When he and his wife Wolnie saw the great gathering of goats who came together for the Goat Games, they were amazed. Knowing that the winner could become the new Patriarch, Wolffy daydreamed about guarding the goats, but then kidnapping them in secret.

In the end, Wolffy became the new Patriarch of the Goats. But on the day of the coronation, he discovered the terrible truth - he was not guarding the goats, but the grassland. He must also wait until the next Goat Games to elect a new patriarch to leave, but unfortunately, the Goat Games are held every forty years.

In Super Adventure

In Desert Trek: The Adventure of the Lost Totem

In Joys of Seasons

"Enter the Little Inventor" (episode 16) shows that the first thing Wolffy ever invented was a robot that comforts others when they are sad.

In Around the World in 20 Days

In Moon Castle: The Space Adventure

In Smart Dodging

In Happy, Happy, Bang! Bang!

In Mission Incredible: Adventures on the Dragon's Trail

In The Athletic Carousel

In The Happy Diary

In The Mythical Ark: Adventures in Love & Happiness

In Happy Formula

In Paddi the Amazing Chef

In Meet the Pegasus

In Dear Little Wish

In The Tailor's Closet

He invented the "Wardrobe Internet", a type of computer network where he could travel to the goats' wardrobe closets, and scare them.

In Amazing Pleasant Goat

A mishap leaves Wolffy stuck in the body of Paddi and vice versa as they and Weslie get stuck in the prehistoric era.

In Love You Babe

In Adventures in the Primitive World

In Marching to the New Wonderland

In Marching to the New Wonderland, he is shown to also have a train, which is called the "Heavenly Wolf Wagon" (天狼号). Which first appeared in EP1 of Marching To New Wonderland . In Rescue Across Time it became a airship . However in EP57 it became Fish TaoTao’s Mech with his Plane .

In The Little Detective

In The Little Detective, Wolffy becomes a detective.

In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Chapter of Animals & Plants

In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Chapter of Sports

In Adventures in the Sea

In War of Invention

In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: The Earth Carnival

In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Travel Around The World

In Flying Island: The Sky Adventure

In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Idiom World

In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Finding Treasures

In Mighty Little Defenders

When his family is in danger, or the goats and wolves face a crisis, he gives up on catching goats and instead works together with them to save the world. Due to accidentally using a chip, he turned into a dog. While in this form he started helping Weslie and friends in their missions. In episode 28, he and Weslie became friends, and in episode 57, he turned back into a wolf. In episode 58, he smelled the wolf herb and almost ate Weslie.

In Rescue Across Time

In The Intriguing Alien Guests

In Against the Dark Force

When Weslie and his friends (except Paddi) turn into cats, Wolffy helps Paddi to turn their friends back.

In Passionate Basketball


With Wolnie

Wolffy and Wolnie first met when Wolffy ate the fried rice that she made (which supposedly tasted horrible, but Wolffy liked it), and got married straight after. Despite the abuse that he handles against her, he very much loves her. So much that he continuously tries to capture the goats, even if he fails most of the time. Wolffy also calls his wife affectionately with multiple names, such as Wifey (roughly translated) and Little Red in newer seasons. Wolnie is also shown that while she gets exasperated with his behavior, she also loves him in return.

With Wilie

Wilie looks up to his father and as such, Wolffy tries his best to teach him the proper ways of a wolf. He was also somewhat leanient with Wilie becoming friends with the goats, yet still tries to teach him on how to catch them anyway. Wolffy is also especially protective of his son, and tries to help him in any way he can, even when he was turned into a dog.

With other wolves

The other wolves are shown to not really respect Wolffy in any way, and even bullied him as a child. However his relationships with the Seven Wolf Brothers seem alright, as he had helped them in various ways when he was younger.

With the goats

Wolffy is the goats' primary enemy, who tries and fails multiple times to capture and eat them. Most of the time, Wolffy is against the goats for this reason.

However in the newer seasons, when he became friends with the goats, Wolffy is shown to greatly care about them, and goes through great lengths to try to save them when they're in danger. This applies quite strongly to Weslie in particular, as the former took care of him when he was a dog. He also tries to save Weslie when they were trapped in the dream world during Mighty Little Defenders, even after being heavily injured.


Wolffy in ultimate battle in the next generation


I will be back!
Wǒ yīdìng huì huílái de!
——Almost every earlier episode
  • Note: When other characters says his catchphrase, Wolffy would get mad and say "Don't steal my catchphrase!"


  • His Chinese name, 灰太狼 (Huī Tàiláng), is a pun. "太狼"(Tàiláng) and "太郎"(Tàiláng) shares the same pronunciation in Chinese, while "太郎" is a common Japanese given name, Tarō. Tarō can literally mean "the first son" in Japanese. A Japanese name can sound aggressive in Mainland China, which is just suitable for the antagonist. (However, the aggression meaning is not strong at all now.) And "灰" (Huī) simply means the color, gray, the same as his fur color.
  • If you like, you can even pronounce his name in Japanese: 灰太狼(はいたろう), Haitarō.
  • Wolffy mentions being in his thirties in "Happy Birthday" (Joys of Seasons episode 93).
  • Wolffy has a similar English name to the Big Bad Wolf a.k.a. Wolfie from the Shrek film series and Wolfy from Super Why!.


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