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Wilie is one of the supporting characters in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. He is Wolffy and Wolnie's son who debuted on the episode Competent Dad.


Wilie is a wolf cub with dark gray fur and lighter gray hair on his forehead. He is normally seen with blue overalls that have a singular light blue pocket, as well as red buttons (this were changed to yellow buttons during undersea adventure).


Wilie can be considered as one of the most innocent characters in the series. Being a child, Wilie is always curious about the world around him, and even though his parents advise this against him, he would listen to anyone, even those that he shouldn't trust. Sometimes, other characters use this to their advantage, such as when the goats were captured, Weslie tricks Wilie in trapping his own parents through 'magic'. (In reality, it was just a hole covered in a blanket; Weslie claims that if Wilie's parents stepped on it, "They would disappear!")

Despite of this however, Wilie is quite smart and resourceful, being able to protect a small sheep in Mighty Little Defenders through his father's advice.

When sometimes he sees Wolffy trying to make plans to capture some sheep, he will yell, "Dad, you lied to me again!!!". This is most prominent in Mighty Little Defenders, where Wolffy (who is a dog) successfully lures Weslie into a trap.

He also sincerely believes his dad can fly and says something along the lines of "Look, Daddy's flying again!" whenever he sees Wolffy in the air for any reason.


With his family (Wolffy and Wolnie)

Wilie has the typical familial relationship with his parents. He loves them greatly, despite his father's quirkiness, and his parents love him in return. Wilie also looks up to them, and as such they try their best to be a good example for him. Once, Wolffy remarks how he hopes that Wilie can be a strong and brave wolf one day.

With the goats

Wilie has a surprisingly good relationship with the goats, despite his father's multiple attempts to catch them and antagonize them. He highly respects the goats, often calling them as older brothers (eg.- Weslie is called 'Big Brother Weslie') or older sisters.

Wilie has a very good relationship with Paddi in particular, despite some of the others weren't always being kind to him. He often follows Paddi around, and tries his best to help him, even though he doesn't always succeed in the end. However funnily enough, Wilie also tried to trick him once, citing that his father told him that Paddi was the easiest to catch.

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