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A pile of weather fruits.

Weather fruit is a unique type of fruit found on one of the floating islands in Flying Island: The Sky Adventure.


Weather fruits grow on the Weather Tree and are cultivated and prepared for use by the workers at the Weather Factory. As is implied by their name, cracking open the fruit will produce weather; the specific effects vary depending on what weather fruit it is.

The fruits come in three sizes. Small fruits are used by the bird people of the floating islands for their own personal needs, as are medium-sized ones. Large ones are shot out of a cannon on top of the Weather Factory building to actually produce weather.

There are several types of these fruits, all distinguished by their color and symbol:

  • Aurora fruit - These weather fruits are purple in color and have an aurora on them. They are initially believed to only grow once a year; in reality, they only grow if the Weather Tree is not being watered.
  • Snow/ice fruit - These are light blue with a snowflake on the front. Small ones are used to create ice cups at an ice cream stand.
  • Sun fruit - They are orange and have a sun emblem on them.
  • Lightning fruit - These are yellow and have a lightning bolt on them.
  • Water fruit - These are blue and display a waterdrop symbol.
  • Wind fruit - They are green with a vortex symbol. Medium-sized ones are shown being used to help a vehicle clean up the streets.