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Victor is a character introduced in Dunk for Victories. He is one of the main characters in this series.


He was mistaken for the wolves team for him picking so much white hair, but it may be that he's an artic wolf, so his skin is white. He has light blue hair, and his eyes are black at the top and blue at the bottom. He also had a blue basketball outfit saying 9 in the middle. And has black handkerchiefs (just like Sparky's but Sparky's is blue).


At first, in the earlier episodes before episode 57, he is serious and never smiled before. However, after episode 57, it is shown that Lie Yangyang was the one who saved him and got his leg broken. It also said in some episodes, he believed in playing basketball together so much that he lost in a significant basketball game over the cats' team. In episode 60, he won the basketball game against the goats (which is surprising), and at almost the end, his real personality was better.


He has a crush on Leopardess, and they met each other one day at the hill. One time when he was running on that hill, a leopard suddenly ran past him quickly. Victor thinks of Leopardess. The leopard is racing him, so he decides to race her back. Some rocks fell from a cliff and almost hit him, but Leopardess saved him. And soon they started chatting and getting to know each other, and they even started exercising and practicing together when they found out that they both play basketball.

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