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"The True or Fake Bomb" (Chinese: 真假炸弹) is the fourth episode of Joys of Seasons.

The goats and Master Pao Pao come across a box that Paddi buried earlier and think it's a bomb set up by Wolffy.

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Wolffy has set up a bomb in front of the gate to Goat Village, but its fuse burns out before it can explode. Wolffy then eats something, which explodes in his mouth.


Paddi buries a box containing some snacks in the forest and attaches a picture of Wolffy to it to keep people from bothering with it. Sparky sees him and asks what he's doing, and Paddi responds by saying he isn't hiding any snacks again. Paddi then tells Sparky that Tibbie wants to talk to him to distract him, and Paddi ties an alarm clock to his box so that he can hear it when he looks for it. Sparky comes back and beats up Paddi when he realizes Tibbie didn't actually want to talk to him.

Master Pao Pao, who is walking through the forest, sees Sparky beating up Paddi and trips over the box Paddi buried earlier. He takes it back to the village to investigate, and he and the goats come to the conclusion that it's a time bomb set up by Wolffy. He then goes to Wolf Castle to give Wolffy the bomb, and Wolffy tries to disarm the "bomb" and realizes it's just a box of snacks. He then gets the idea to give Master Pao Pao a golden shirt containing a time bomb set to go off in three hours to get back at him.

The goats cannot figure out how to defuse the bomb, and every attempt Slowy makes to defuse it causes the countdown to decrease. Jonie decides to sacrifice herself to the wolves and Master Pao Pao says his farewells to everybody right before the bomb explodes, but the bomb doesn't actually explode and and a cuckoo bird springs out of it instead. Weslie then gets an idea to get back at Wolffy for tricking them.

At Wolf Castle, Wolffy is preparing to cook Jonie when Wolnie appears wearing a new golden cloak. She says a nice salesman offered it to her, and the salesman appears next to them, revealing himself to be Weslie. Weslie then explains that there is a gift in the cloak, that gift being a time bomb. Wolffy attempts to disarm the time bomb, but it explodes, sending him and Wolnie flying through the air. Wolnie hits Wolffy with a frying pan, sending him even further into the sky.


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