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The Size Pill (Chinese: 大小药丸 Dàxiǎo yàowán ) is the 3rd episode of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.


Wolffy attempts to breach the gate of Goats' Village by pole vaulting for 3 times, but all in vain. Wolnie beats him for his failure. Wolffy wishes his wife to be turned tiny so that she will not hit him again, which reminds him of his two pills: the shrinking pill (white pill) and enlarge pill (black pill). Wolnie then swallows the black pill to test the effect. Her body keeps growing until the upper part of the Wolf Fortress is crackled.

The next day, Wolffy heads to Goats' Village and hides into a bush near the gate. He uses the shrinking pill to reduce his size. However, he found that his enlarge pill remains its size after going through the gate. He was forced to push his pill to move it. Soon he was spotted by Weslie with a magnifying glass. The goats were panic until they sensed that he poses no threat due to his tiny body. Later on, the goats use him as tennis and Sparky strikes him into the sky with his tennis bar.

After his first failure, Wolffy takes the mini enlarge pill which allows him to either grow gradually or instanly. As Wolffy enters inside the gate and reach to Weslie, he uses his the mini enlarge pill to grow. Somehow, only his head becomes larger while the rest of his body remains tiny. Weslie then blows Wolffy's pill away before he could swallow it. Weslie grabs the small Wolffy and the goats have a soccer game with him being the soccer ball. Weslie kicks Wolffy to the gate, Sparky catches Wolffy and kicks him away. As Slowy learned of those from the goats, he warned them that it is too dangerous to let Wolffy go. Weslie rushes to get Paddi before Wolffy comes to him. But it's too late as the latter returns to the normal size and seizes him. Weslie could do nothing but witnesses Paddi dragged away by Wolffy.

Wolnie and Wolffy prepares to cook Paddi, Wolnie praises Wolffy for succeeding in catching the goat. Next, Wolffy asks a bounded Paddi whether he has any last words, Paddi responds with an idea which uses the enlarge pill on him so that the two wolves can have a more meaty mutton. Driven by the tempation, Wolffy feeds Paddi with the enlarge pill. After Paddi grows into a larger size, he breaks the ropes on his body. Both wolves realized that they are tricked by Paddi, he grabs the wolves and smashed them together with his hands before throwing them to the sky.

The goats mourn the loss of Paddi, believing he was eaten by Wolffy and Wolnie. They are surprised to see Paddi returns safely. However, he cannot enter to his house for his increased size. Slowy appears with the shrinking grass and enlarge grass. Weslie soon takes the shrinking grass and let Paddi to eat it before Slowy could explain that both grasses need to be used together to restore to the normal size. As a result, Paddi shrinks to the tiny size.



  • When Paddi was helplessly dragged by Wolffy, Weslie did nothing but witnessing both went away with sadness on his face instead of figuring out ways to rescue Paddi himself. Contrary to what Weslie would react in the following episodes when he encounters situations that his friends are in peril.