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Donghua series Don't Think I'm Only a GoatmcSmart DodgingmHappy, Happy, Bang! Bang!mHappy ArenamPaddi the Amazing ChefmcDear Little WishmcThe Tailor's ClosetmcLove You BabemcMarching to the New WonderlandmcThe Little DetectivemPleasant Goat Fun ClassmcBlue RoammMr.Wolffy, Mr.Right!mcWar of InventionmMarching to the CloudsmMarching BravelymThe Terminal of VictorymThe Light of DefensemBy Your SidemMighty Goat SquadmThe Basket of HopemCreating the Futurem
Movie 1 Happy New Year of Ox and You're the BestmHugging the Springmc
Movie 2 Let's Be Happy TogethermcLeft Hands and Right HandsmI Love PansmDreaming of JellymI Love Wolffym
Movie 3 Awesome GoatsmcDreams in the StarlightmcPull, Tear, and Knock DownmcWolnie's RhapsodymcInvincible Panmc
Movie 4 Song of Weslie and WolffymcWe Have Wushu and KungfumcExuberant HeartmcWhen I Was Youngmc
Movie 5 Happy FightmcDefend the EarthmcI Want to SoarmcFolk Song Duetmc
Movie 6 Flying with DreammcOwn the FuturemcEncounter in the WindmcAngelm
Movie 7 ConfidantmcThe Wolves RisemcPower of KindnessmcAs Long As We Have Dreamsm
Wolffy Movies I Love You, WolffymI Will Be Backm
Other Languages Even Though I'm Just a Little GoatEnglishWhat a Goat!Hindi
Note: superscript "m" stands for Mandarin, "c" stands for Cantonese, and others stand for themselves.