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TaoTao (淘淘) is the main antagonist of Rescue Across Time. He is the previous manager of the Time and Space Station until his younger brother went frozen and disguised as a wolf.




TaoTao and DouDou lives in the undersea village at the deep ocean and works the Time and Space Station for many years. One day, when TaoTao was bored, he went out to play in the time and space transfer station, but he didn't think about his watching, which eventually led to the undersea residents being frozen, including his younger brother DouDou. In order to save his younger brother and other citizens of undersea village, he undercovered as a wolf and escaped the ocean to find the time.

He is the most responsible of making Gogoa and Chapper do the ceasefire of Goat tribe and wolf tribe prior to Mighty Little Defenders, this were been uncovered at the final episode.

Mighty Little Defenders

In the final episode The New Future of Wolves and Goats, TaoTao first taking off his shield and was been spotted by Chapper, Gogoa, Wolffy and Weslie, and talking about the hitting situation and thought they're died. Before he can transform himself into a monster, the Wolf tribe and Goat tribe attacking him, and sent him flying to an unknown location. However, he swears revenge and see them someday.

Rescue Across Time