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Sparky is one of the main characters of the long-running Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


Sparky is a goat with white fleece, brown skin, dark brown antlers, and a spiky quiff. He has blue handkerchiefs on his arms, and he wears brown sandals.


Sparky is depicted as a jock character of sorts. He is the strongest of his group and enjoys sports and showing off his strength to others. He's quick tempered, and quick to act, often charging headlong into dangerous situations. He has a romantic interest in Tibbie and is always on the lookout for opportunities to impress her, although in later seasons he has stopped in trying to impress her, instead becoming more and more reckless. He likes to pick on Paddi and ends up blaming him most of time when there's a problem inside the village.


His future self appeared in Joys of Seasons episode 1 "Happy Time", and as a business man in Rescue Across Time episode 50, however in Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation, he ended up becoming a fireman.
Future Sparky


  • His name is similar to the Chinese word "沸沸扬扬" (Fèifèiyángyáng) which means "noisy",[1] or exactly to describe "too many discussions that are as tumultuous as boiling water with bubbles coming out", or "everyone is talking about something".
  • The Chinese character "沸" which means boiling, has no connection to any of his traits, but it can loosely imply that he's quick-tempered.
  • He seems to be associated with firefighting in some of his appearances. He becomes a fireman in episode 6 of Joys of Seasons, his vehicle in Happy Formula is a fire truck named Big General, and he's seen working as a fireman again in Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation.


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