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Slowy is a character in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. He is the chief of Goats' Village.


Slowy is an elderly goat who wears glasses and has a white mustache and wacky hair. He also carries a wooden walking stick, due to having a hard time walking.

In newer seasons he is shown with a dark green shading.


Slowy is an adult goat that serves as a village elder of sorts. His name is a pun on "slow and steady", implying that while slow (he is characterized as being slower than even snails), he also harbors steady wisdom. He functions as the only adult figure in the story, and not only serving as the head of the Goat Village but also as the schoolmaster. He often uses trickery to teach his students valuable lessons about life, and often sends them on assignments.

Outside of the schoolyard, he's shown as a goat of many pursuits, creating wacky inventions and performing questionable experiments with humorous results. In addition, when he thinks too hard, his head will begin to grow leaves.

He is a nice man, very old and smart.


  • His theme color is green.
  • His goat breed is called a Rove. A Rove is a goat breed that is primarily characterized by its long, twisted horns. Some Roves have white long hair just like Slowy.
  • His wacky hair is shown to be based on a mad scientist.
  • He is believed to be over 90 years old, possibly over 200.