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Shu Yi (Chinese: 鼠一) is introduced in Dunk for Victories episode 1.


Shu Yi is a male rat that has brown skin and grey hair. He also wears a red basketball outfit with blue and yellow stripes on the top and a "1" in the middle. He normally has long two teeth sticking out.


He's very proud of himself, thinking he would win every basketball match. If he loses, he'll say excuses like "OH IT'S JUST BECAUSE OUR HANDS ARE NOT VERY GOOD TODAY!" with Shu Er. He and Shu Er always support the goats with Dama throughout all other basketball matches.


His history is unknown.


According to the Chinese zodiac, the rat is the first of the repeating 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac, and Shu Yi is a rat. When Dunk for Victories premiered (January 22, 2021-February 5, 2021), it was the Year of the Rat.