Qian Yangyang

Qian Yangyang appeared in Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation. She was turned into a robot called Yingzi by Dr. T. Her husband is Ming Yangyang, who she calls Brother Ming, and her daughter is Tibbie. Like her husband, she is a professor and is known as Dr. Qian.


Qian Yangyang wears a pair of dark pink glasses and black high heels. She wears a dark pink business dress with a white collar and a black belt, plus a professor jacket.

When she was turned into a robot, she wore a black robe, with a magenta hood and cape. She also wore a mask covering her face and black and magenta gloves. One of her gloves had a flower bud on it. When attacking, it blooms and shoots out flower petals, which explodes as a bomb. On her other glove, it has a place to insert an Elephant Star Stone fragment, and the petals have the power of whatever monster is on the card.


She is kind and caring, like Tibbie, but also brave and persevering. When she was turned into a robot, she was stealthy and smart, but still has her memories.


In Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation

When Qian Yangyang and her husband were engaging in research together, Dr. T came to visit, hoping that the couple would assist him in the research of biomechanization. After Qian Yangyang decisively refused, he was mechanized by Dr. T. However, because of the blocking agent which is still under development, she actually still retains her memory and firmly hopes to stop Dr. T's crazy plan.

After Dr. T retrieved the Elephant Star Stone fifteen years ago, she personally destroyed it. Pretending that the mechanization was successful and taking orders from Dr. T, named Yingzi, she acts as a villain and snatches the Elephant Star Stone fragments from the goats and Wolffy for most of the time. In the process of fighting monsters with Elephant Star Stone fragments, sometimes when the enemy's too strong she'll cooperating with the goats.

When Hantian was rescued by the goats and Slowy tried to repair him, Dr. T ordered her to compete with Slowy for control of Hantian. Meanwhile, she quietly sent an email to Slowy to obtain and keep in touch with him, but to avoid exposure the little goats were not informed.

Yingzi built a secret base by herself to recover the robots abandoned by Dr. T, and is always looking for a way to recover them. But when the body of the Bulei was seriously damaged, it was abandoned and not recovered.

Under the order of Dr. T, when Wolnie went home and reached the entrance of the Wolf Fortress, she was captured and mechanized.

A mechanize frog experiment failed due to capacitor overload, and she was ordered to find a larger capacitor, but got knocked out by the tire monster in the process. The goats brought her back to Goats' Village for information. When Slowy was repairing Yingzi she reminded him that there might be undercover agents in Goats' Village while the goats were not there.

   After successfully synthesizing the Elephant Star Stone, she rejected Dr. T's order when confronting the goats, revealing her identity. In order to prevent Dr. T from succeeding, she didn't hesitate to sacrifice her daughter.


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