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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (Chinese: 喜羊羊与灰太狼) is the first season of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. Both the opening and the ending themes are "Don't Think I'm Only a Goat" by Ivy Koo.


The Chinese logo

In the year of 3131 Goat calendar,the goats are living happily and peacefully on Green-Green Grassland until the wolf couple Wolffy and Wolnie move to the forest on the opposite side of the shore. The goats then realize that wolves written in the books are real in life. Wolffy tries every possible means to cross the fence and catch goats everyday, but he fails all the time. He doesn't know that his rival Weslie is the smartest goat in the village and behind Weslie, there's the inventor and village chief Slowy, sleepyhead Paddi, strong Sparky and beautiful Tibbie who always help each other.[1]


  • Character design: Luo Yingkang, Huang Weiming
  • Animation design: Luo Yingkang, Zhang Heng, Huang Zhilong, Xie Min, etc.
  • Production Coordination: Cai Ruiqiong
  • Release: Bi Weihong (1st to 2nd episodes), Li Lisi, Qiu Haiyan (3rd to 530th episodes)
  • 3D animation: Xie Huixian, Wei Zhichao
  • Editing: Huang Shihong, Zhao Yuyun, Li Wenzhao, Xiao Wenjie, Li Liting, Sun Caixia
  • Technical Guidance: Li Jiaxian
  • Sound production: Guangzhou Yangming Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (1st to 2nd episodes), Consistent Digital (3rd to 530th episodes)
  • Screenplay: Huang Weijian, Huang Weiming, Sunny, Gu Xue, Liu Yanqi, Yang Zhenou, Luo Jianwen, Guo Peng, Shao Haowen, Wu Shengqiang, Chen Yiyong
  • Director: Huang Weiming
  • Producer: Liu Manyi
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Advertising planning agent: Guangzhou Suren Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Overseas distribution agency: Creative Power Entertaining


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No. Title Scripted by Directed by Original air date
1 "The Wolves Come (Part 1)"
Huang Weiming August 3, 2005
2 "The Wolves Come (Part 2)"
Huang Weiming
3 "The Size Pill"
4 "The Sleeping Fruit"
5 "A Decolored Wolf"
6 "Weslie's Clones"
7 "Explosive Military"
8 "Sports Event"
9 "Hallucinating Grass"
10 "Magic Flute"

Other episodes with their own pages: "Negotiation Trap" (#28), "Strange Transforming Wolf" (#49), "Death of Wolffy" (#55), "Dangerous Wolf Tooth" (#75), "Ninja Wolffy" (#118), "Super Gloves" (#123), "Anti-Wolf Saber" (#124), "Focusing Chip" (#341), "Cop Story" (#342), "Bets" (#353), and "Military Training Camp" (#434)

Differences between of the original and revised versions

In May 17th, 2019, the series were been published to YouTube and some a lot of items were changed. These are:

  • Image quality upgrade. The animation has been completely redrawn, with higher definition, and the resolution has reached the mainstream 1080P.
  • Scale adjustment. By rearranging the elements in the picture, the current mainstream 16:9 video ratio is obtained.
  • De-literate. Except for the title, almost all the text content (such as the word "Cola" on the Coke bottle, the text in the diary of Wolffy, etc.) have been replaced with symbols without special meaning or deleted directly.
  • To preventing controversial, sensitive content had just adjusted. Modified and deleted some scenes with violent tendencies or bad behavior, such as replacing the rope used to bind the lambs with apertures, replacing cigarettes with lollipops, etc.


  • The Filipino dub gives the English title as Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf.
  • This is the longest season of the Pleasant Goat donghua at 530 episodes.
  • It used a considerable amount of leftover puppet assets from CPE's previous work, Happy Family, most notably on the sheep's feet, shoes and eye tiles for Wolffy.
  • Due to not having a special title name like later seasons, it's often called Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf "530 Edition" (Chinese: 喜羊羊与灰太狼530版).



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