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Pleasant Goat Fun Class: The Earth Carnival (Chinese: 智趣羊学堂 之地球嘉年华) is the 24th season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series and the third season of the Pleasant Goat Fun Class series.


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In order to win the first prize (an encyclopedia) of The Earth Carnival, little goats and Wolffy take part in the Carnival to collect game stubs. Under the lead of Miss Earth, they overcome a series of challenges and learn various types of interesting knowledge. They also learn how the Earth moves, the structure of the Earth and the resources as well as features on Earth. In the end, little goats and Wolffy successfully exchange the game stubs for the encyclopedia and together they acquire many precious memories and much invaluable knowledge.[1]


No. Title Scripted by Directed by
01 "Blue Earth"
"Lan Se De Diqiu" (蓝色的地球)
Li Disi He Yingqiang
The little goats and Wolffy start their journey to discover the blue Earth. Weslie found the Earth among the many planets in the space. Together they learnt the shape and structure of the Earth and the reason that we can stand and walk on the earth despite the Earth is in a round shape.[1]
02 "Day and Night"
"Baitian Yu Heiye" (白天与黑夜)
Zeng Lingling Zhou Fenghua
Paddi smells food in the middle of the night, the goats then realise it is daytime outside. Just when they are wondering what's happening, they saw Wolffy who just fell asleep not long ago because he stayed up all night for a challenge. The goats decided to take on the challenge as well, they entered the Earth and start their rotation journey to experience day and night.[2]
03 "Spinning Earth"
"Tuantuanzhuan Di Diqiu" (团团转的地球)
Liang Zikai Chen Xiongbin
Little goats and Wolffy take on the challenge to drive the Earth around the sun by following its orbit. As they travel, they experienced different scenery and seasons. They even learnt how to build model of the planet on their respective orbits.[3]
04 "Moving Plates"
"Yidong De Bankuai" (移动的板块)
Li Disi Chen Xiongbin
Little goats and Wolffy takes up the “connecting plates” challenge this time. They are being brought to the Earth that was 200 million years ago. Where they saw all continents are connected together, together, they learnt about the crust movement and the reason of the formation of 7 continents.[4]
05 "The Color of the Ocean"
"Haiyang De Yanse" (海洋的颜色)
Zeng Lingling Zhou Fenghua
The goat and Wolffy are going to have fun in the sea today! Each of them have to choose a different colour slide and only the right one will brought them to the ocean. Eventually, they realise the ocean can be in different colours while most of the time it is blue. What is the reason behind it?[5]
06 "Amazing Tides"
"Shenqi De Chaoxi" (神奇的潮汐)
Zeng Lingling Chen Xiongbin
The goats found an resort island in the middle of the sea, Wolffy is ready to take the boat to be there but suddenly, the seawater withdraw to a much lower height, the train appears and everyone board the train to the resort island. The goats alight in the middle of their train journey for a 10 minutes sightseeing, however the train left without Paddi, Sparky, Tiubbie and Wolffy who are not aware of time. Suddenly, the water level rise up again and they are trapped by high tides.[6]
07 "Hike up the Atmosphere"
"Yong Pan Daqiceng" (勇攀大气层)
Liang Zikai Zhou Fenghua
The goats and Wolffy are going up to the Atmosphere tower today! By taking the tower escalator, they stop by each layer and learn about the phenomenon formed on each layer.[7]
08 "Water Cycle Roller Coaster"
"Shuixunhuan Guoshanche" (水循环过山车)
Liang Zikai Quan Chao
The goats and Wolffy are excited to take on a roller coaster ride. During the ride, Tibbie felt water droplets on her face and that is actually caused by the water cycle. Water goes from land to river, to the sea and then sky while goes back to the land as a cycle. During their journey, they also learnt about evaporation and precipitation.[8]
09 "Meteorological Adventure House"
"Qixiang Tanxian Wu" (气象探险屋)
Zeng Lingling He Yingqiang
The goats and Wolffy entered the meteorological adventure house to discover more about the weather phenomenon! In different phase, they experienced wind, rain, snow, thunder and lightning.[9]
10 "The Beautiful Four Seasons"
"Meili de Siji" (美丽的四季)
Li Disi Guo Si'en
The goats and Wolffy volunteered to help Ms Earth to prepare the start of four seasons, the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Tibbie helps to do planting for the spring fall, Paddi helps to water the plants in the summer, Wolffy helps to gather fruits from the autumn while Weslie and Sparky help out with decorating Christmas tree in the Winter.[10]
11 "New Green Energy"
"Huanbao de Xin Nwngyuan" (环保的新能源)
Li Disi Rong Yuqing
Do you know that the sun, wind and water are actually our sources of energy? Weslie and friends are having fun at the theme park while suddenly the park is out of electricity. In order to find the answer and get the park work again, the goats begin their journey to find the power sources.[11]
12 "Shining Stars"
"Shanyoo de Xingxing" (闪耀的星星)
Li Disi Li Feilong
The goats are attracted by the shooting stars and they followed Miss Earth for an adventurous space tour.[12]
13 "The Moon and The Sun"
"Yueliang Yu Taiyang" (月亮与太阳)
Li Disi Luo Menghao
In order to win more tickets, the goats takes the “Shooting Star Fighter” challenge together with Miss Moon. The goats learnt that the moon is unlike the Earth which has a layer of atmosphere for protection. Moreover, the goats encountered the solar storm, what’s going to happen next?[13]
14 "Grassland Competition"
"Caoyuan Jingsai" (草原竞赛)
Liang Zikai Li Ruiyun
The goats and Wolffy came to a restaurant on grassland to harvest their own food. While they noticed during dry season there is not much grass there. The team that can eat the most grass food wins 10 tickets and Paddi is really enthusiastic towards this challenge! Can they win the tickets again?[14]
15 "Desert Oasis"
"Shama zhi Zhou" (沙漠之洲)
Zeng Lingling Pu Zhikang
The goats and Wolffy traveled to the desert with the magic lamp and their aim is to find the oasis in the desert in order to win their tickets. Careless Wolffy accidentally fell into quick sand when he is running fast. Miss earth saved him and Wolffy promised to never run fast in the desert again. Suddenly, the oasis disappeared and Miss earth told them that is actually a mirage. Let us explore the nature’s magic trick.[15]
16 "The Super Rainforest"
"Chāojí rèdài yǔlín" (超级热带雨林)
Li Disi Huang Xinhui
It is time for exciting adventure in the rainforest! However, Miss Rainforest is missing, the goats have to help Miss Earth to find Miss Rainforest first. When they finally found her, she is weeping sadly as the trees are being cut down. The goats then decided to plant more trees to restore the beautiful rainforest.[16]
17 "Meandering Rivers"
"Wānqū De Héliú" (弯曲的河流)
Zeng Lingling Luo Wencong
The goats and Wolffy take part in speed rafting race today. Their challenge is to be the first to reach the finishing line through a meandering river. However, it is not an easy task as each of them face different challenge along the way.[17]
18 "Conquering the Mountian"
"Zhēngfú Gāoshān" (征服高山)
Liang Zikai Pu Zhikang
The challenge today is to conquer the mountain. Along the way, the goats experienced different temperature condition and altitude sickness as they go higher. Can they successful conquer the mountain?[18]
19 "Ancient Glacier Park"
"Yuǎngǔ Bīngchuān Lèyuán" (远古冰川乐园)
Li Disi He Xiaowei
Everyone came to the ancient glacier park, by reaching to the castle, they have to take boat and underneath they found pieces of ice cubes floating around. They also meet the elephant from ice age in the park and together, they helped the elephant found its parents.[19]
20 "The Wetland Park"
"Shīdì Yóulèyuán" (湿地游乐园)
Zeng Lingling He Xiaowei
The goats and Wolffy came to the wetland and they noticed there is something wrong with the wetland flood control system. They saw lots of garbage which blocked the drain. Together, they decide to plant more trees and clean up the rubbish in wetland. However, there are harmful substances and bad bacteria around, how are they going to save the wetland? [20]
21 "Our Precious Fresh Water"
"Bǎoguì De Dànshuǐ" (宝贵的淡水)
Zeng Lingling He Yingqiang
Welcome to today’s fresh water collection challenge! The goats and Wolffy have to collect freshwater from the playground in order to exchange for tickets. Each of them tried to find fresh water from different places but only some of them found the right fresh water source. Do you know why? Find out with us![21]
22 "Salt Water and Salt Sculpting"
"Xiánshuǐ Yándiāo" (咸水盐雕)
Liang Zikai Zhou Zeju
Everyone gathered in salt lake for salt sculpting competition. Wolffy notice that he can float on salt lake , this is because of the high salt concentration in it. Besides the edible salt, there are many other varieties of salt in it. Do you know any of them?[22]
23 "Underground Minerals"
"Cángzài Dìxià De Kuàngchǎn" (藏在地下的矿产)
Li Disi Luo Wencong
Paddi won the ticket to underground party and everyone followed to the underground for treasure hunting. In there, they found the minerals such as iron, golden, bronze and silver. Along the way, they also found treasures such as diamond and petroleum.[23]
24 "Droughts and Floods"
"Ganhan yu Hongshui" (干旱与洪水)
Liang Zikai Xiang Jiajun
The little goats and Wolffy are invited to a performance show on a parade and they are playing different characters in it, Tibbie is playing flood, Sparky is playing drought and Wolffy is playing the dark cloud. However, no one seems to like them as they think flood and drought are scary as it destroyed their homes. Luckily, Weslie explained the natural phenomenon of flood and encourage everyone to not be afraid of it.
25 "The Earthquake in the Oil Painting"
"Youhua Zhong de Dizhen" (油画中的地震)
Li Disi He Xiaowei
Huang Junming
Quan Chao
The little goats and Wolffy sneak into the gallery when Miss Earth is not around. Wolffy took the snacks from the painting observation area and suddenly there seems to be an earthquake. Do you know what to do when there is an earthquake? Remember to stay away from buildings and stay in a wide open area. As earthquake can trigger tsunami, the goats are trapped inside the painting, luckily Miss Earth came in time and saved them.
26 "The Haze Battle"
"Wu Mai Da Zuozhan" (雾霾大作战)
Li Disi Huang Junming
Everyone is given a “haze gun” to clean up the haze around. As Wolffy nearly mistaken the fog as haze, Miss earth explained the difference between fog and haze and how haze is formed. However, the haze is too “cunning” and the only way to get rid of haze is to find the cause of the problem.


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