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Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Idiom World (Chinese: 智趣羊学堂之奇幻成语书) is the 27th season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series, and the fifth season of the Pleasant Goat Fun Class series. Its opening theme is "Pleasant Goat Fun Class" by Purple Lee and its closing theme is "Don't Think I'm Only a Goat" by Ivy Koo.


The Chinese logo.

With the purpose of getting the chaotic idiom world back on track, little goats and Wolffy start their big adventure in the idiom world. Little goats and Wolffy keep running into tricky idiom riddles and puzzles that eventually spark their intelligence to carry on their adventure. little goats and Wolffy find that the more idioms they restore, the more they like the idioms as the knowledge treasury gets richer and richer.