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Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Finding Treasures (Chinese: 智趣羊学堂之羊羊来寻宝) is the 28th season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series, and the sixth season of the Pleasant Goat Fun Class series. Its opening theme is "Pleasant Goat Fun Class" by Purple Lee and its closing theme is "Don't Think I'm Only a Goat" by Ivy Koo.


The Chinese logo.

The treasures in the treasury building have all escaped and the little goats are entrusted by Panda curator to find the items. During their journey of finding the treaures, the little goats learn historical stories behind those traditional Chinese items. Instead of just taking back the treasures to the treasury building, they decide to hand down the traditional Chinese culture with their devotion and joy as they have realised its inclusiveness and that it's long-standing and well-established.