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Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Animals & Plants (Chinese: 智趣羊学堂 动植物篇) is the eighteenth season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series, and the first season of the Pleasant Goat Fun Class series. The opening theme is "Pleasant Goat Fun Class" by Purple Lee, and the ending theme is "Don't Think I'm Only a Goat" by Ivy Koo. This season was also dubbed into English by Miao Mi, translated as Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Chapter of Animals & Plants.


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The goats go on fun adventures and explore and compete together. Their adventures can be anything from climbing snowy mountains to exploring the deep sea. During their adventures, they encounter and learn different kinds of animals and plants.

The first half of the season is about animals and the second half is about plants.


No. Title Scripted by Directed by
01 "Elephants Love Bath Time"
"Ai Xizao de Daxiang" (爱洗澡的大象)
Li Disi Liang Jiaqi
The goats enter the knowledge treasure house and get an encyclopedia that is then stolen by Wolffy. The goats chase Wolffy outside, where they meet, learn about, and help elephants.
02 "Squirrels Have Big Tails"
"Da Weiba Songshu" (大尾巴松鼠)
Li Disi Liang Jiaqi
The sound of the pine cones rang through the forest, and Weslie found that the sound was from the squirrel. Divided into tree squirrels, ground squirrels and rock squirrels according to different regions, the little goats and Wolffy realize that they are not only long jumpers, but also the storage of goods. The little goats and Wolffy share the pine cones with the little squirrels, and finally become good friend with the squirrels.
03 "Waddling Penguins"
"Yaobai Qi'e" (摇摆企鹅)
Li Disi Liang Jiaqi
The goats and Wolffy come across a lost baby penguin in the South Pole snowfields. Deciding to help the baby penguin, they start investigating the penguins living habits in order to bring the little home.
04 "Chameleons Are Magicians"
"Moshushi Bianselong" (魔术师变色龙)
Liu Feng Liang Jiaqi
Wolffy is jealous of the chameleon for getting all the attention and makes a challenge. However, Wolffy ends up humiliating himself and learns a valuable lesson.
05 "Sharks Have Big Mouths"
"Da Zuiba Shayu" (大嘴巴鲨鱼)
Liang Zikai He Xiaowei
Wolffy attempts to scare the goats away when they are looking for sharks. But the clever goats follow a clue and meet the sharks in the ocean - learning about how they live and making new friends along the way.
06 "Cute Giraffes"
"Ke'ai Changjinglu" (可爱长颈鹿)
Zeng Lingling Cai Yuying
When Weslie and his friends finally meet giraffes, they have a fantastic time learning about their long necks and why it is so useful to them.
07 "Polar Bears Are As White As Snow"
"Xuebai de Beijixiong" (雪白的北极熊)
Li Disi Luo Menghao
When the goats are building a snowman, they bump into a polar bear and follow after him to North Pole to learn more about his kind.
08 "The Kind Dolphins"
"Shanliang de Haitun" (善良的海豚)
Liu Wei Zhu Zinan
Weslie and his friends set out looking for a missing photo of dolphins in their book. But when their camera falls into the Ocean, they are stuck with how to continue their search...
09 "Doctor Woodpecker"
"Yisheng Zhuomuniao" (医生啄木鸟)
Li Disi Liang Jiaqi
When the goats meet the woodpeckers, they first thought that they were hurting the trees with their beaks. It is only after getting to know them better that they realise that the woodpeckers are in fact picking out pests.
10 "The Croaking Frog"
"Guagua Jiao de Qingwa" (呱呱叫的青蛙)
Lu Yiyong Zhu Zinan
Wolffy doesn't believe that frogs can swim better than him and demands a race. When he loses the race, he decides to learn from Mr. Frog to become a better swimmer.




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