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"Peach Garden Fairyland" is the 72nd episode of Joys of Seasons.


Plot description

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Paddi is resting under a tree when he is hit by a falling peach, which he eats. An insect then falls towards him and he bites it before realizing it's not food.


In the library, Slowy has found some books left behind by the goats' ancestors, and he tells the goat children about a place called the Peach Garden Fairyland that is devoid of any conflict with wolves. According to the legend, it took 150 years for the ancestors to find their way there. The goat kids all wonder about the Peach Garden Fairyland and how it sounds like a nice place to live.

That night, sirens go off and the goats jump into action to stop Wolffy, who has tried once again to break into Goats' Village using a disguise. Wolffy tries to use a pole to jump to the other side of the village gate, but Sparky uses a giant tennis racket to hit him into the sky. Sparky comments that having to defend the village from Wolffy is becoming tiresome, and he and the other goats agree that Peach Garden Fairyland sounds like the perfect place to get away from him. The following day, the goats have set up camp in the wild and search for the Fairyland, to seemingly no success. Suddenly, Tibbie finds an etching in a tree, and Slowy thinks it must be from their ancestors and that it's a clue as to the whereabouts of the Fairyland.

Meanwhile, Wolffy, wearing another disguise, finds the gate to Goats' Village open and uses the opportunity to capture Paddi, but finds he is not home and wonders where he could be. Back in the wild, Slowy discovers that to open the entrance to Peach Garden Fairyland, you must butt your head on the tree a hundred times. Slowy has Paddi volunteer to do it, but he's only able to headbutt the tree a few times before giving up, leaving Weslie and Sparky to don helmets and headbutt the tree themselves. It works; an opening emerges from the trunk of the tree, and the goats enter. In the other world, filled with many pink-leafed peach trees, another goat runs by the gang, saying he doesn't want to stay there anymore. The Peach God greets Slowy's gang and is glad to have some company after being alone for so long. The goats are all happy to have arrived in the Fairyland.

Wolffy looks through the library in Goats' Village, finds out about the legend of Peach Garden Fairyland, and decides he would like to go there as well. Back in the peach world, Slowy and the Peach God are having a conversation, while the goat kids become bored of them talking and go play. Soon, Tibbie looks at her reflection in the water and realizes she hasn't pampered herself in a while, and since Sparky didn't think to bring his dumbbells with him, he is forced to exercise using a branch on one of the trees instead. The goats realize they are starting to miss a lot of things about Goats' Village and that the peach world is not as exciting as they originally thought it was. Slowy appears and informs the goats that the Peach God has started becoming annoying to him, as he woke him up in the middle of the night so that he could tell more stories, with Slowy not being able to think of any other stories to tell.

The goats ask the Peach God to let them out, but the Peach God explains that they can only get out if someone else finds the Peach Garden Fairyland and enters. In the outside world, Wolffy comes across the tents the goats had set up, finds the tree leading to the peach land, and kicks it, causing him to fall over; he notices a book next to him and learns how to open the other world from it. Wolffy's headbutting is noticed by the goats within the fairyland, and they quickly make a run for the exit as soon as he has it opened, flattening the wolf in the process. The Peach God greets Wolffy, who happily makes his way into the peach world, but he soon finds the Peach God wanting to listen to the story of when he turned five years and three months old when Wolffy had already told that story to him. Wolffy faints from exhaustion and promises he will be back.