Paddi is one of the main characters of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. He is one of the goats living in Goats' Village and a best friend of Weslie.


Paddi is a goat with white wool, fair skin, and brown antlers. He has a spiral quiff on his forehead and he wears a yellow bib with a white stripe.


He hates working and likes to sleep, but due to his lazy nature, he is often the first caught by Wolffy most of the time. Paddi is the most intelligent goat of all of them in some cases of important things he needs to solve, although this is concealed by his laziness. He also has a habit of falling asleep whenever Wolffy kidnaps the goats. He is sometimes a bit selfish. He has been revealed to hold a varying number of hidden talents throughout the show, such as diving. He was a hero back where the ferocious dragon came from in the 7th movie. His luck is very weird sometimes and can escape danger with his dumb yet incredible luck.

Wolffy's son Wilie has an attachment of him and will often address Paddi as "Brother Paddi." He is also one of the most popular characters in the sheep family. Paddi had a mother when he was a child, but it is unknown if his mother is dead or alive at the moment.

Back when Paddi and Weslie were little children, Weslie almost fell off a cliff but Paddi saved him, and Weslie gave Paddi a tin can to say that Paddi is his hero. After many years Weslie's memory about that was hidden deep down, forgotten, but when they time-traveled to the past, Weslie almost fell off again, this time on some pillar of rocks but then, Paddi grabbed his hand, and then, his memories came back, when Paddi pulled Weslie up he said "I know what that tin can is", but Paddi said "Don't get that close", Weslie now said:" Paddi, you are my real hero!"


In Joys of Seasons, the reason for Paddi being so lazy and hungry is shown in the form of a flashback to his childhood; when he was younger, his parents were lazy themselves, and when Paddi asked them to play they ignored him, with his mother, in particular, giving him a piece of cake to eat to distract him. From this, Paddi wondered if sleeping and eating are as fun as his parents make them look and developed both characteristics.

In a flashback in Mighty Little Defenders, Paddi is revealed to have had a pig chef who made food for him when he was younger.

In Paddi the Amazing Chef

Paddi inadvertently triggers the plot of this season by knocking over a spice box and making Aunt Merry the mouse run away, causing the Taste Kingdom to be deprived of its flavors and prompting him to start a team with the other goats called the "Kids Food Tour" to find a dish that will impress Aunt Merry.

In Love You Babe

Paddi has to deal with Wolnie thinking she's his mother after an incident with a gene gun.

In Flying Island: The Sky Adventure

At the end of "Weather Seeds" (episode 10), Paddi accidentally swallows a weather fruit seed, and for the next few episodes, he has a little flower growing on his head because of it. Paddi can produce different kinds of weather fruit from this plant by performing different actions - sweating makes rain fruit, snoring makes thunder fruit, and sneezing makes wind fruit.


  • He was made to be the main character when Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf was producing. However, because his original Chinese name "Lazy Goat" is not positive, the main character changed to Weslie.

  • Paddi and Weslie have been great friends since they were young, so Paddi and Weslie are best friends.
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