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"Paddi's Side Story" is the first story arc of Happy, Happy, Bang! Bang!.


Paddi suddenly gains strange supernatural powers after he is hit on the head by an apple that fell from a tree.

Episode list

No. Title
1 "Adventures Under the Apple Tree"
"Pingguo Shu Xia de Qiyu" (苹果树下的奇遇)
2 "Words Come True"
"Xianzhi De Meng" (出口成真)
3 "Twin Flowers"
"Shuangsheng Hua" (双生花)
4 "Result of Being Lazy"
"Toulan de Houguo" (偷懒的后果)
5 "Helping Others for Happiness"
"Zhurenweile" (助人为乐)
6 "Good Friends"
"Hao Pengyou" (好朋友)
7 "Humble Apology"
"Fujing Qingzui" (负荆请罪)
8 "Havoc in Heaven"
"Da Nao Tiangong" (大闹天宫)
9 "Inviting Someone Is Easy While Driving Him Away Is Difficult"
"Qingke Rongyi Songke Nan" (请客容易送客难)
10 "Goodbye to Wolves' Castle"
"Gaobie Langbao" (告别狼堡)
11 "Unsayable Bitter"
"You Ku Nan Yan" (有苦难言)
12 "I'm Ill, I'm Not Ill"
"Wo Bingle, Wo Mei Bing" (我病了,我没病)
13 "Rose That Lights"
"Hui Faguang de Meigui Hua" (会发光的玫瑰花)
14 "The Most Diligent Goat"
"Zui Qinkuai de Yang" (最勤快的羊)
15 "Saving Wolffy"
"Zhengjiu Hui Tailang" (拯救灰太狼)
16 "Matchless Laughing Powder"
"Wudi Xiaoxiaofen" (无敌笑笑粉)
17 "Battle on the Apple Tree (One)"
"Zhengfeng Pingguo Shu (Yi)" (争锋苹果树(一))
18 "Battle on the Apple Tree (Two)"
"Zhengfeng Pingguo Shu (Er)" (争锋苹果树(二))
19 "Losing the Apple Tree"
"Shiqu Pingguo Shu" (失去苹果树)
20 "Wolffy's Happy Life"
"Hui Tailang de Xingfu Shenghuo" (灰太狼的幸福生活)
21 "Wolffy Without a Mouth"
"Mei Zuiba de Hui Tailang" (没嘴巴的灰太狼)
22 "Slowy Struts His Stuff"
"Man Yangyang Daxianshenwei" (慢羊羊大显神威)
23 "Magic Mirror, Magic Mirror, I Love You"
"Mojing Mojing Wo Ai Ni" (魔镜魔镜我爱你)
24 "Goat Eating Instructions"
"Chi Yang Shouce" (吃羊手册)
25 "Fruits vs Wolffy"
"Shuiguo Dazhan Hui Tailang" (水果大战灰太狼)