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Miss Earth (Chinese: 地球姐姐), also known as the conjectural translation Sister Earth, is a character from Pleasant Goat Fun Class: The Earth Carnival.


Miss Earth is a rabbit who floats around on a little globe and guides the goats around the earth science-themed carnival.

She has white fur and wears a red enchanted hat with purple accents and a yellow ball at the end, a blue dress with yellow sleeves and a red bowtie on her chest. She is sometimes also seen holding a magic wand with a floating globe at the top; she uses this magic wand in several episodes to cause objects to appear, and in episode 4 to travel to the dinosaur age along with the goats and back to the present.


  • Some official sources call her "地球仪姐姐" ("Sister Globe")[1] or "the Globe"[2]. She is called "Sister Earth" within the show itself.


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