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Mingri is a character thats introduced in Against the Dark Force.


Queen form: She is a cat with red eyes with purple eye makeup (same as wonlie) She has a very high ponytail with red stripes. her skin is tan and her

cat ear has black muddy style in the top and has a orange colored inside. She also has a teal with yellow empress crown,same as her outfit.

her hands are tan and black like a leopard, and she's always serious.

Normal form: her normal form is quite different than her Queen form,her eyes are now teal and her hair is down rather than its a high ponytail.

it doesn't have red stripes and a empress crown. at the top of her hair, she has a bang,same as Haoyue.


she was once when at the queen form, she was rude, mean, serious. she even turned Paddi and Wolffy's friends to a cat and became enemies.

At that time, she was controlled by the dark power and couldn't stop doing that. She even force the cat guards to catch Haoyue and lock them in dungeon, but when Haoyue emptied out Mingri's dark power, she was much nicer, but was a little guilty for her rudeness. on episode 44.


It was said that when she was little, she and Haoyue was playing out in the garden and Mingri knocked on Fulai,(that's when they met each other)

While Fulai was picking apples, and then so, they become friends for years and years to now. It was also said that when one day the two sisters sneak into the room that the king put the dark power, somehow, Guxin Lang broke into it and break the dark power, causing Mingri to save Haoyue and became Mingri queen.