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Ming Yangyang is a character in Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation.


Before he became Hantian, he has a green shirt with a pink rose, black pants, a green belt with a bow and a pair of slippers. When he became Hantian, his skin was mainly black and green, and has a yellow star shape on his chest. He has a large cylindrical gun as his weapon.


Before he was turned into a robot, he was kind and gentle and cherished nature. As a robot, he still loved plants like before and wouldn't hurt any plants.


Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation

When Ming Yangyang and his wife were engaged in research together, Dr. T came to visit, hoping that the couple would assist him in the research of biomechanization. After Qian Yangyang decisively refused, he was mechanized by Dr. Ti.

The mechanized Hantian was the first robot sent by Dr. T. He was injured when defeating the Rocket Monster and was taken back to Goats' Village for treatment by Paddi, who happened to pass by. When Slowy and Yingzi were competing for control of Hantian, Yingzi quietly sent an email to Slowy, and Paddi searches for Hantian's master.

After Hantian's control was regained by Yingzi, Hantian snatched Paddi's flame card. It was retaken afterwards.

In order to compete for the trophy monster, Hantian competed with Paddi in several competitions, Hantian won at last, but Paddi won the trophy monster, and then defeated Hantian.

Dr. T originally thought that Hantian was useless, but was persuaded by Yingzi to give him one last chance. Hantian and Paddi stared at the Rock Monster at the same time, but when they were trapped, Paddi wanted to work with Hantian to escape, but was repeatedly rejected. Paddi defeated the Rock Monster, but Hantian was seriously injured in the battle, and was recovered by Yingzi.

The large robot that was finally synthesized at last was disintegrated by the memory segments, Hantian turned back into Ming Yangyang and the family reunited.

When the future was rewritten, Ming Yangyang's family lived happily, and he is shown to be a gardener with his daughter Tibbie, instead of being a professor with Qian Yangyang.

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