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"Military Training Camp" (Chinese: 军训集中营) is the 434th episode of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

Mr. Slowy puts the goats through military training and has them travel through a jungle, avoid traps, and retrieve a red flag. Wolffy digs a hole in front of the flag in hopes that the goats will fall into it.

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Mr. Slowy tells the goats that they will go through military training. The goats go outside and turn, roll on the grass, and shoot a target. At night, the goats sleep in tents and Paddi stays up and eats snacks.

In the morning, Slowy tells the goats to enter a jungle, avoid the traps, and take the red flag at the end. Wolffy hears them and digs a hole in front of the flag in hopes that the goats will fall into it. The goats set off through the jungle together, except for Paddi, who runs off in the other direction. Paddi takes an apple on the ground, which is actually part of a trap that hangs him from a tree. Meanwhile, the other goats run towards the red flag and then fall into Wolffy's hole.

Slowy goes to see Paddi. Wolffy also looks for Paddi and he sees him hanging from a tree. Wolffy takes Paddi down. Later, Paddi sees a hanging fruit which is part of a trap. Wolffy tells Paddi about it, and in doing so, Wolffy accidentally gets stuck in the trap. Paddi takes the fruit and walks away.

The goats see Paddi take the flag and win the game. Slowy is surprised to see that Paddi won the training. Meanwhile, Wolffy is still hanging from the tree.


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  • The tank scene from this episode has gained attention among Chinese fans on Internet.


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