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There have been several different Manhua series. Some are based off of the various donghua stories, and others are original material.

Screenshot Manhua

Select seasons of the donghua and all the movies have been directly adapted into manhua. Each Screenshot Manhua uses screenshots from the show with printed on dialogue.

Serialized Manhua

The serialized manhua tells full unique stories about the characters. The Serialized Manhua series was first published in the official Pleaseant Goat and Big Big Wolf Magazine before it was later published exclusively online on WeChat. It was adapted into the donghua season Man Jing Tou.

Pleasant Goat Fun Class Manhua

It is an adaption from the Pleasant Goat Fun Class series. It's a tiaoman that shares knowledge about the world, much like the series it was based off of.

Yonkoma manhua

The yonkoma manhua has been published for several years, though early strips can be hard to find. It tells small, fun stories of the characters' daily lives with little context.