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Lord Japper is the primary antagonist of Desert Trek: The Adventure of the Lost Totem.


Lord Japper, along with his assistants Leopold and Counsoler Gecko, tear down Goats' Village and build a massive amusement park in its place. Lord Japper forces the residents of the village to work for hours on end in the new amusement park and later sends Weslie and Wolffy into the desert that starts to form from the amusement park draining too much energy from the ground. Weslie and Wolffy have to co-operate to find a special totem in a desert temple that can stop Lord Japper's destruction.

Near the end of the film, he discovers that he is just a house cat rather than a tiger, and that Counsoler was only pretending he was a tiger. Japper himself is also not the true leader of the amusement park project; Counsoler wanted to dry up the area surrounding Goat Village to revive the dinosaur era.