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Lily is a recurring character in the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. She is the mother of Weslie.


Lily is a goat with white fleece, fair skin and blue antlers. Her fleece is styled as short hair, and she wears a blue dress and bell earrings.


She was one of the goats who created the candy kingdom on the moon, along with Smarc. She had to leave her son Weslie under the care of Slowy, the chief of Goats' Village.

She was also known as a famous singer before she and her husband left for the moon.

In Rescue Across Time

Lily is first seen through Weslie's eyes, as he wakes up from being tossed out of his ship. Lily asks about Weslie's well-being, in which he replies that he is well. Weslie then realizes that he, alongside the younger Smarc, have been sent to the wrong timeline, and that he was seeing his parents before they depart for the moon.

Lily then goes to tend her son (still a baby in this timeline) alongside her husband, who had just come home. When Weslie notices that his ship was going to be taken away by TaoTao(werewolf form), he drags young Smarc along to get it back. Worried, Lily asks her husband to accompany them and help them out if something's wrong.


Due to the lack of screen time, not much is known about Lily's personality. However she is shown to be very caring of others, whether it would be to her family or 'strangers' (older Weslie and younger Smarc).

Lily is also quite vigilant, being able to notice that her husband wasn't sleeping again.


  • In the second movie, Weslie had dreamt about Lily while he was stuck in the desert. However, her design from then and now have since changed.