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Leopardess is a character introduced in Dunk for Victories on episode 30.


She has black skin and two black down buns. She wears lipsticks and has amber-colored eyes.

She wears a teal hat and a teal basketball shirt saying "9" in the middle, paired up with the shoes.


Leopardess was nice and is famous. She said that "Basketball is her life." She loved basketball so much, and she wins in every game.

She never gives up and tries her best on each challenge, no matter how hard. Even she has a congenital genetic disease, she is determined.


She has a little sister named Bao Mei. Once Leopardess was playing basketball, somehow she had to go to the doctor. The doctor said that if she once again plays basketball, she will have a life danger. However, she still wanted to play, and at a time, she fainted. Her little sister, Bao Mei, cares about her and decides to fulfill Leopardess's wish to keep playing basketball. She made Tibbie sad when Bao Mei says that "Your biggest problem is playing basketball. I hate people when they don't know how to play basketball and play it. I only said these words to impress my fans." However, later out, the goats' find out it is Leopardess's little sister.



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