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Lang Shouling is a character in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. General Wolf, Guxin Lang and Dr. T all work for him (Zi Tailang works for Dr. T, not Lang Shouling).


He is shown to wear a black coat, boots, and pants. He is an Arctic Wolf. He has a small tuft of purple hair tied up on the back of his head.


He is kind to his (fake) son, and seems to get angry easily. He is also smart and shown to love nature, but we don’t know for real.


In Mighty Little Defenders

He was mentioned in a letter to Wolffy.

In Against the Dark Force

He was also mentioned in a conversation/battle between General Wolf and Guxin Lang.

In Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation

The wolf who made Dr. T made his first appearance, and asked Dr. T not to get injured, because if he was injured, he would find out that he is only a robot.

He was also In a memory of Dr. T; They were in a greenhouse, and Lang Shouling was watering some flowers. Young Dr. T came bounding over holding a robot bunny and saying that he finally made it work. Lang Shouling congratulated him and patted him on the head. Young Dr. T Was super happy and bounded away, not seeing a rock and tripping over. Thankfully, Lang Shouling grabbed him in time and hauled him up and hugged him, telling him not to get hurt.

After knowing that he was a robot (Dr. T), this memory came again, but at the end, he saw Lang Shouling pull a USB out of his head and adding “If you get hurt, then you’ll know you’re a robot” and Dr. T falling to the ground.


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