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Jonie is a character of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.

She is the monitor in the goats' class. Different from other little goats, she is actually an Argali.

Appearance Edit

Jonie is a mountain goat with white wool, fair skin, small black dotted eyes, and brown antlers. Her arms are covered in white wool, and she wears a magenta bowtie on her neck. She wears a pair of red Mary Jane shoes. She is always seen carrying a heart-shaped bag.

Personality Edit

She is a docile and kind female goat who is class president to Weslie's class in school. She is revealed in Pleasant Goat Sports Game to possess mountain goat genes, effectively making her the strongest goat in Goat Village above Sparky. She is the most sensible goat but is sometimes talkative. She is friends with Banana Wolf.

In the episode "Kitchen God" (Season 1, episode 426), she is shown to be terrible at cooking.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is considered the fifth member of Weslie's gang.
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