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"Israel Pavilion" (Chinese: 以色列馆) is the third episode of Around the World in 20 Days.

Characters present



Minor roles, cameos, etc.

  • Wolnie (appears in a thought bubble, but other than this does not actually appear)


Wolffy is looking through a newspaper and reads that the Israel Pavilion at the World Expo is giving out a mystery gift to all of its visitors. Wolffy wonders what the gift could be, and comes to the conclusion that since the Israel Pavilion is named the Seashell, the gift must be a pearl.

Later, Wolffy shows Wilie the Israel Pavilion and asks him what it is. Wilie responds saying "peaches", but Wolffy corrects him, saying that it's the Seashell. He does get a bit hungry after Wilie mentions peaches, however, and grabs a nearby peach. Wilie tells Wolffy that his teacher said not to steal things, or otherwise you'll get a long tongue.

The wolves arrive at the outside of the Israel Pavilion's Innovation Hall, where a screen depicting Albert Einstein's face appears and asks "Who am I?", with the correct response rewarding the guesser the mystery gift. Wolffy fails to come up with the answer right away, notices Weslie and Sparky walking outside, and approaches them with Einstein's hair and beard asking who he is. Weslie, mistaking Wolffy for a guide with poor makeup, tells him he must be Einstein, and Wolffy removes his Einstein hair and runs off, with Weslie and Sparky looking on in confusion.

Inside the Innovation Hall, the screen with Einstein's face reappears and gives Wolffy his mystery gift, which is a couple of little capsule-shaped cameras used for a medical examination. Wolffy gives Wilie one of the capsules and eats the other one himself, only to be told that the camera has picked up the peach he stole earlier inside his stomach and the capsule will become a micro-robot as a punishment, causing Wolffy to get stomach pains.

The episode's "Expo Tips" segment has Wilie explaining to his dad, who has apologized for being late, that there are more than 90 bus lines in Shanghai, and that there are also waterways and subways that people can use to travel. Wilie asks Wolffy what kind of transportation he uses, and Wolffy responds that he flew over to the World Expo and encountered volcanic ash in Europe on the way. A thought bubble appears over his head, revealing that he was actually hit by an angry Wolnie's frying pan.