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I Love Wolffy (我爱灰太狼) is the first live-action movie of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


In the world of Green Green Grassland, Wolffy, with his own machine, caught the goat Paddi, who was always half a beat slower than others. He was arrogant and ignored his son Wilie, who was friends with Paddi. The cauldron was busy in the field and ignited. Suddenly a strange giant shovel descended from the sky, and the oddly twisted Wolffy was dug up a large piece. Everything that happened next is magical and unbelievable. Wolffy was actually dug into another world. In this quirky and inexplicable place, in order to save Wilie, he will launch a thrilling adventure and escape.


The film earned CN¥72.221 million at the Chinese box office.


  • Creative Power Entertaining does not acknowledge the existence of this movie or its sequel, as neither are mentioned on their official website and neither have been uploaded to YouTube by them, unlike the other Pleasant Goat films.


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