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Hope is a character introduced in Flying Island: The Sky Adventure. She is the director of the Weather Factory and helps Weslie and Paddi to grow weather fruit.


She has purple hair and wears a teal shirt with a sun picture in the middle. She also wears a dark blue hat and dark blue boots.


She is a great inventor, but she isn't the best inventor. Sometimes her invention fails; one time when she was inventing a flying remote for the weather fruit, it made the weather fruit explode.


Hope is often seen inventing machines and even tries to help speed up the delivery of weather fruit by using mechanical wings. However, her inventions tend to malfunction and cause problems for the other factory workers, which makes everyone skeptical for her and her intentions until she tinkers the mechanical wings to be controlled with programming instead of by manually operating them with a remote.

Her birthday is celebrated in "Overtime Crisis" (Flying Island episode 8).