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"Happy Birthday" is the 93rd episode of Joys of Seasons.

Wolffy is worried his wolf friends may have forgotten his birthday.



Plot description

Title card

The scene starts with a cake with a decoration of Wolnie on it before zooming out to reveal it's quite tiny and Wolffy is holding it. Wolnie is about to whack Wolffy with a frying pan when he throws away the little cake and points above them. Wolnie is shock to see what is falling on them - a bigger cake with candles spelling out the episode title.


Wolffy wakes up and rips a page out of his calendar, revealing a day that has been circled - his birthday. Another wolf appears in front of one of the castle's windows and is holding an envelope with him, telling Wolffy to attend the upcoming ceremony and congratulating him on his reward. Wolffy simply tells him he has no time for that; then, Jay appears in the castle door and reiterates about the ceremony, only for Wolffy to ignore him again, saying he's busy. Wolffy looks in a mirror to make sure he looks nice and then explains that since it's his special day, he isn't going to go anywhere.

The other wolves arrive at Wolf Fortress and are promptly ignored by Wolffy again. However, Wolffy takes a second look, sees Darker is holding a present, and lets them in. Wolffy snatches the present from Darker's hand and opens it, only to find a binky and ask what's going on. Wolnie berates him for being so rude as to open other people's presents, explaining the gift was for Fragrant Wolf's new baby. Wolffy, who had no idea Fragrant was even expecting, is pushed out of the fortress and has the door shut on him. Wolffy is unable to communicate to them that it's his birthday and becomes sad that the others may have forgotten.

Wolffy, while walking out in the forest alone, hears various groups of animals singing "Happy Birthday to You" - including a hippo, bull, and warthog group, some snails, and a mother bird and her son - and quickly grows frustrated each time, going as far as to attack the birds once he hears them. Later, by the riverside, a frog is playing a guitar and singing "happy birthday to me!" to itself when Wolffy grabs hold of him. The frog asks that the wolf doesn't eat him, and when Wolffy worries it's because the frog is poisonous, the amphibian explains that he's three years old today but nobody's ever bothered to celebrate his birthday. Wolffy says he knows exactly what it's like, then faces at the camera as he says he shouldn't just stand there letting the frog be all sad. As he says this, the frog approaches the edge of a hill and Wolffy runs after him, worrying. Wolffy trips on a rock as the frog sits on the hill's edge and plays his instrument again, this time singing "Everyone is sad and pathetic" while Wolffy falls into the river and struggles to keep himself afloat.

Once a dripping wet Wolffy has made it back on land, he hears yet another group singing "Happy Birthday to You" and decides he's finally had enough. He finds out the sound is coming from Goat Village and thinks of his plan to get in - he'll dig a tunnel under the gate and make off with one of the goats from there. When Wolffy actually tries to dig, though, he's knocked out by Little Fairy. The wolf looks through the bars of the gate and finds the goats are wishing a happy birthday to a moose traveller they had just met. The moose appreciates the kindness, but Wolffy is still mad and tries to go through his tunnel again, only to be knocked back by the Little Fairy again. Wolffy swipes Little Fairy's hammer and breaks through one of the walls protecting the village. The goats quickly defend themselves by throwing rocks at Wolffy, then chucking plungers at him. Wolffy grabs the plungers and throws them back at the goats, at which point Weslie orders everyone to run.

Wolffy grabs all sorts of metallic weaponry and asks who was singing the song. Jonie comes out with a giant magnet to attract the weapons, saying she was doing the singing. Wolffy throws more metallic weapons onto the magnet, causing Jonie to lose balance and topple over, but Weslie, Paddi, and Sparky all bring out cannons and shoot them at Wolffy. Wolffy emerges from the blast and the goats panic as their enemy approaches them; he is then caught in a net that falls on him, making him even angrier and causing the goat boys, who had thrown the net from a tree, to jump down and run away, leaving Weslie on the ground.

Wolffy carries Weslie off to his castle. Weslie notices a connection between Wolffy and his dislike of the birthday song, coming to the conclusion that it's because it's his birthday but nobody is singing the song to him, so he offers to sing to him; Wolffy denies his claim. Weslie insists, saying he should hear the song on his birthday, and then also mentions he should have a cake too when the other goat kids appear behind a bush with a cake. When Weslie mentions making a wish on a birthday cake's candles, he gives Wolffy the cake, which he claims to be magical. Wolffy is about to light the candles on the cake when he suspects Weslie of possibly trying to poison him, suggesting the goat should taste-test it first to make sure. Weslie, considering he'll likely be eaten by the wolves anyway, takes the offer, but then Wolffy changes his mind, thinking Weslie shouldn't waste food. Wolffy lights the candles and makes his wish before the cake explodes in his face. Wolffy tells Weslie as he's running off that he hates him.

Wolffy comes back to the fortress and, peeking through the slightly opened door and window, sees all the others preparing his party. Wolffy, assuming they're all having fun without him, starts to cry. When he enters the building, he angrily asks everyone if they're having a good time and completely trashes the room in his rage when Wilie brings him a present and wishes him a happy birthday. Wolffy, touched that someone has seemingly remembered his birthday for real, opens the gift and finds shades inside. Wolnie gets furious at him, and Wolffy finds a sign mentioning the surprise party, realizing too late that the whole celebration was for him. Darker explains that they had been working on the party all day and quickly launch Wolffy out of the castle and into the air. Wolffy says his "I will be back!" catchphrase, ending the episode with a cliffhanger.


  • Wolffy's calendar indicates his birthday is on August 8th. Later installments and materials change his birthday to September 26th instead.