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Gogoa is a character in Mighty Little Defenders. He also makes appearances in Rescue Across TimeThe Intriguing Alien Guests and Against the Dark Force.


Gogoa has big and thick horns, a beard, and an orange fruit on his head. His skin color is brown and he is fat (he is thinner when he is young). He wears a pair of black gloves and black slippers, leaves on his shoulders, a gold necklace under his neck, an orange ring on his tail, and orange fur.


He is an old calm man, very kind and patient. He loves drinking tea and wishes that wolves and goats can be friends.


Gogoa is a good friend of General Wolf. When he was young, he was rescued once by General Wolf, so he always advocated for peace between wolves and goats. However, because of Taotao's interference, he broke the friendship with General Wolf and caused a series of wars. In the finale, Taotao, who caused the war, was defeated, and the wolves and goats became allies again.


In Mighty Little Defenders

Uncle Gogoa is one of the main characters in this season; he appears in episodes 12-60.

In Against the Dark Force

He appears in the last episodes, where he is one of the targets who gets shocked by the dark power.