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Aerial shot of Goats' Village.

The Goats' Village (羊村, "Yangcun" or Goat Village) is the main location of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. It is located in the Green Green Grassland. This village is where Weslie and all the goats live. It is protected with an iron gate that prevents any wolf attacks, especially those by Wolffy and his family. However, an iron gate is now demolished following Gogoa and Chapper's agreement with peace of Goat tribe and Wolf tribes at the end of Mighty Little Defenders events.


Desert Trek: The Adventure of the Lost Totem

Lord Japper and his crew build an amusement park on top of Goats' Village and force the inhabitants to work in it.

Mighty Little Defenders

The village is surrounded by a protective dome connected to the ice pistol used by Weslie.

Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation

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The entrance of the Goats' Village 15 years later