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"Frozen Ruins" (Chinese: 冰封遗迹) is the first episode of Rescue Across Time. It premiered on July 12, 2019.

It's the first full episode since the peace of wolves and goats was achieved in the previous season, Mighty Little Defenders.


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After the peace between wolves and goats is achieved, Slowy receives an invitation from an expedition team inviting him to go to the ice pole to inspect the relics. The little goats follow him, too, only to find being fooled to the frozen ancient capital of the sea. On the other hand, Wolffy comes to the Goat Village along with Wilie, telling the goats about their previous adventures. Slowy sends an SOS, and Wolffy goes to their rescue with his "Sirius". In the frozen ancient capital of the sea, the defeated little werewolf, appears again, deceiving Weslie into breaking the sundial down. The time-space gem on the sundial is broken, opening up a strange space, and a dinosaur appears.

Character Debut(s)

  • Dinosaur


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