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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf — Dunk for Future (Chinese: 喜羊羊与灰太狼之筐出未来) is the eighth animated movie of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. It is a sequel of the television animation Dunk for Victories.


With all the attention and expectations, Team Defenders made their way to the world-class basketball event — The Basketball Metropolis Cup. They were the most competitive team to grasp the trophy but unexpectedly they lost it because of the last shot of discord. The team seemed to fall away when Weslie and Wolffy had a dispute after the finals.

However, true friendships will not be destroyed easily. Jonie decided to assemble the members again and join the new Basketball Metropolis Cup. Will their determination and devotion to basketball complete their basketball championship this time?


  • General directed by: Huang Weiming
  • Animation directed by: Leo Huang, Chen Lijin
  • Scripted by: Wu Chaowei, Geng Yimiao, Liu Zemin, Liu Wei
  • Supervised by: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Producer: Cai Ruiqiong
  • Produced by: Alpha Group Co., Ltd., Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.,Shanghai Tao Piao Piao Movie and TV Culture Co., Ltd., ZheJiang DongYang Microcosmic Pictures Co., Ltd., Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Msc Co., Ltd., Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Distributed by: ZheJiang DongYang Microcosmic Pictures Co., Ltd.



  • Theme Song Biekan Wo Zhi Shi Yi Zhi Yang 2022
    Sung by: Bibi Chou
    Lyrics by: Ivy Koo and Wang Zhongqiao, Composed by: Ivy Koo and Chen Yu
  • Insert Song Jiu Shi Guanjun
    Sung by: Luo Weiluo
    Lyrics by: Tan Zihao, Composed by: Deng Ziqi
  • Insert Song Nifeng Shengzhang
    Sung by: Lu Shilang
    Lyrics by: Cui Shixuan, Composed by: Huang Chengcheng
  • Insert Song Guanlan Qingchun
    Sung by: Lu Shilang
    Lyrics by: Lu Shilang and Cui Shixuan, Composed by: Lu Shilang



  • This is the first animated film in the series that is not based on a Chinese zodiac, but a rival of Team Defenders in the film is a tiger team, and 2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar.
  • This is the first film in the series to premiere in February.


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