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Dr. T is the main antagonist of Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation.


When he was young, Dr. T wore glasses, a light pink shirt, a professor jacket, a pair of dark blue/black pants, and shoes. His hair was black with a streak of pink.

As he grew up, he has pink and white hair and a black and teal bodysuit with a green button on his chest. When he fails to complete his task in the last episode, the button glows and turns red, and he turns into a bomb.


Dr. T was kind and loyal to his father since his father was very kind to him. He didn't want to disappoint his father and he promised that he won't let his father down. When Dr. T finds out that he was just a robot and the whole point of his existence was just to fulfill his father's wish, he was furious and didn't want to complete his task anymore, but he turned into a bomb and exploded.

When the future was rewritten, Dr. T became a kind and honest inventor and invented Mechanical Goats.


In Dunk For Victories

He was the professor helping Zi Tailang win the basketball tournament, also giving her robots, and other technology.

In Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation

In a greenhouse, Lang Shouling was watering some flowers. Young Dr. T came bounding over holding a robot bunny and saying that he finally made it work. Lang Shouling congratulated him and patted him on the head. Young Dr. T Was super happy and bounded away, not seeing a rock and tripping over. Thankfully, Lang Shouling grabbed him in time and hauled him up and hugged him, telling him not to get hurt.

After knowing that he was a robot, this memory came, but at the end, he saw Lang Shouling pull a USB out of his head and adding “If you get hurt, then you’ll know you’re a robot” and himself falling to the ground.


  • His name 剔博士(Tī Bóshì, Dr. Ti) is also written as T博士(T Bóshì, Dr. T). The name is a pun, T implying Tea. Moreover, He names his robots after bubble tea ingredients.
  • In early draft, he was named as 查博士(Chá Bóshì), 查(Chá) shares the same pronunciation as 茶(chá, meaning “tea”). While the reason is unknown, some think the name is changed because it has a much too obvious link to “tea”, others think that the character 查 pronounces Zhā in a family name, rather than chá as it’s in a common context, so they changed it to avoid misleading the audience.
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