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Domineering Strongest (Chinese: 霸道强者 Badao Qiangzhe) is the 2nd episode of Dunk for Victories.


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  • Weslie and Sparky's adverting poster is a little reference to fan-made videos which used Jojo's Bizzare Adventure art style. Also, the three shadowy figures with question mark is probably to predict that Paddi, Tibbie and Jonie would join the basketball team later.
  • As shown in member folder, the former members of the Wolf Team were:
    • Number 1: broke his arm while training
    • Number 23: IQ decreased due to training
    • Number 62: become blind
    • Number 98: broke his both legs while training
    • Number 99 (Wolffy): brain veins regressed and gone crazy, although he rejoin the team later on