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Death of Wolffy (Chinese: 灰太狼之死 huī tài láng zhī sǐ) is the 55th episode of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.


Weslie and other goats are helding an election of the next monitor in the classroom with the candidates being himself, Sparky and Tibbie. Sparky is confident as he got all the polls until the last poll is voted for Tibbie by Paddi. Sparky becomes upset and threatens Paddi to change his poll for him. After Sparky gets one last poll, Slowy appears to introduce the new monitor. Weslie is confused by the chief's words, Slowy then states that he was asking them to select a seat for their monitor rather than electing a new monitor. Next, Jonie tries to enter inside, but the entrance doesn't budge due to her size. She later crushed the door frame as she enters inside. Slowy declares Jonie as the new monitor, Sparky is not amused by this and request challenge with her. Slowy accepts Sparky's request.

The goats comes to the soccer field to begin the challenge, they start with discus throw. Sparky throws the discus and it lands near the gate. Jonie throws the discus which is far enough to crash the Wolf Fortress, hitting Wolffy and Wolnie both. Later on, Sparky challenges Jonie with a sprint match, he runs first while the latter stays at the beginning. Tibbie asks Jonie why she does not run, Jonie points at the flock of ants explaining that she is waiting for them to pass. Sparky taunts her whether he needs to wait for her. Then, Jonie catches on him and causes trembles while she runs. Every goat including Sparky fall to the ground. Jonie defeats Sparky as a result. Meanwhile, Wolffy uses scope to stare Jonie, with his mouth watering. Wolnie pitches his ear for not taking action to catch the goats, Wolffy then brings out every metal props they have, includes Wolnie's pan, to create a giant rice cooker and assures his wife that he won't let her down.

Weslie and his friends are harvesting the grass. Jonie is attracted by a flower and proceed to check it. Wolffy disguises as a sky blue colored morning glory and reaches to her. Jonie turns around and spots him, Wolffy spits a few smoke to her face, making her dizzy. Jonie collapse to the ground and crushes Wolffy. The goats noticed the tremble caused by Jonie and rushes to check her. As Jonie gets up, they finds a inactive Wolffy, seemingly dead.

Wolnie mourns his husband at his grave. When she sees the goats watching her at the opposite of the river, her lips grined suspiciously. Jonie tearfully speaks that she killed someone, with Tibbie comforts her that the one she had killed was a bad guy. Weslie doubts if Wolffy was truly dead and the goats decide to check it out. Soon after, they walk to the grave of Wolffy. Weslie comfirmed the death of him. The goats are delighted about it, except Jonie, who still cries and apologies to Wolffy. However, the ground they are standing is cracking, leading the goats to Wolffy's trap, the giant rice cooker. Wolffy and Wolnie appears, with Wolffy mocks the goats that he would not die so easily. Afterwards, the wolves closed the lid of the cooker.

Back to the Wolf Fortress, Wolffy presses the button to start the cooker. Jonie tries to open the cooker, only to be mocked by the wolves. They explains that the cooker is sealed by vacuum and there is no way out of here. Weslie strokes his bell and comes up with an idea, he tells it to Jonie's ear quietly. She starts to suck the water inside the cooker. Afterwards, Weslie notices that the cooker has multiple cracks so that Jonie and Sparky can knock them with their horns. The wolves hear the sound but does not concern about since they think that the goats' struggle are futile. Then, they check the cooker and discover that the water is dried out. Right after Wolffy added the water, Jonie sucks the water and knocks the cracks with Sparky. After repeating the procedures, Weslie informs Jonie it is time to spit the water. Soon, the cooker leaks water and destoryed, stunning the wolves.

The goats repaired Wolffy's cooker and throw them into it, to pay back for what they have done to them. The cooker starts working as Weslie pressed the button. The wolves inside the cooker shout painfully, with Wolffy swears he will have his vengeance on him.



  • This episode marks the debut of Jonie.
  • Despite the title of this episode is "Death of Wolffy", Wolffy didn't really die by either crushed by Jonie or in his cooker.