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Cha Cha is a character who debuted in The Super Adventure. He is ruler of the Yellow Bull Kingdom run by bacteria inside Granny Snail. He is Dong Dong's brother.


He appears to have white skin color like other White Bulls but has a black spot on one of his eyes and one blue pupil on one of his eyes while the rest are red. Unlike his brother Dong Dong, his black spot is on the left while Dong Dong's black spot is on the right. He also has red pupils furthest to the left of his face and the blue pupil on the right.


He tends to gobble up people once they have no use or if they are useless anyways. He is very aggressive and evil.


He is ruler or king of the Yellow Bull Kingdom. They are the cause of Granny Snail's illness. His forces attacked the capital of the White Bull Kingdom. When Wolffy is captured, he almost gobbles him up because he thought Wolffy was not useful. When Wolffy explained himself that he could help the Yellow Bull Kingdom, Cha Cha spared him and told him to get to work. After Wolffy makes a mind control device that controls other germs, Cha Cha uses them to attack the White Bull Kingdom. Later, when he encounters his brother Dong Dong, he thinks that's his mirror. But when Dong Dong explained things to his goat friends, Cha Cha realizes that he is not a mirror and tries to get the Yellow Bulls to take the goats and his brother away, but the Yellow Bulls are confused.


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