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Bulei is a character from Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation.


Bulei has a blue ribbon, pink hair, pink shoes, and a white dress with pink lace. She has blue eyes and a blue mouth. As her weapon, she has a pink flute that can insert two stone fragments at the same time.


Bulei is a sneaky robot as she pretended to be Xiao Xin and almost fooled the goats. She is also persevering as when she was brought back Goats' Village, she was already very weak but she still tried to return to Dr. T.


In Bulei’s memory, Dr. T was her savior. He saved her when she was bullied, and then she began to help Dr. T collect stone fragments.

Bulei was considered by Jonie to be her childhood friend Xiao Xin since she could sing "Dreams in the Starlight". Bulei started to imitate Xiao Xin when Jonie said she was like her, and made special-shaped snacks. After revealing her identity and stealing all the stone fragments, Jonie still believes that Bulei is Xiao Xin, but Bulei denied it and easily defeated the Magnet Monster, but the Magnet Monster mutated and sucked away the iron objects around, including the Bulei. As a result, she was seriously injured and was abandoned by Dr. T. Later, she was rescued by Jonie and returned to Goats' Village. However, she hung after escaping and disappeared in the forest. She was the only robot that was not recovered by Yingzi.

After the future was rewritten, she became a fan of Jonie, there was a scene of her at Jonie's concert to cheer for her. This scene also proved that Bulei was originally a robot.


  • Her name Bulei comes from crème brûlée (Chinese: 布蕾, bùlěi), which usually serves as a kind of bubble tea ingredient.
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