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BB Goat (Chinese: 冰冰羊) is a character who was introduced in The Intriguing Alien Guests. She is the adopted younger sister of Weslie.


BB Goat is a young female goat with white wool. She wears pink clothes with yellow accents.


Bingbing Yang is the sister of Weslie (not biological), and the adopted daughter of Smarc and Lily.

She like to play with her friends, especially Weslie. At first she doesn't know who is her brother is. The first day where she meet with her friends is in episode 1.

She is an important character in The Intriguing Alien Guests. She is also the the starting character of the whole story.


Before The Intriguing Alien Guests showing, animation designer Chen Yuanyuan listed the three designs to Bingbing Yang.

  • Design A: It is more biased towards the "little princess". She has cotton candy-like curly double ponytails that belong to the little princess, Weslie's bangs, planetary hair ties, and flower-shaped saliva towels.

Design A

  • Design B: This one is a bit more lively. She has a single broom hairstyle, a tribal vigorous and cute look. The pigtails on both sides add a lively feeling when running, and she has a pink and white spacesuit.

Design B

  • Design C (Final program): It is a cute and clever Mengbao shape. The Qi Liuhai mushroom head makes the eyes look bigger and rounder. The whole character feels more well-behaved and caring. The soft and fluffy hair also makes the ice sheep more elegant when doing movements. Because of living in outer space for a long time, Smarc designed a pink-yellow spacesuit for Bingbing Yang to avoid the gravitational influence of outer space. The shoes are blue and green, which highlights the sense of technology, allowing her to run freely on the space station. However, she eventually chose this one because the design is more concise and more lively, which is more in line with her kind and naughty personality.

Design C


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