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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf — Around the World in 20 Days (Chinese: 喜羊羊与灰太狼之喜羊羊游世博) is the fourth season of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series. It's short series presented for 2010 Shanghai World Expo.


The World Expo is going to be held in Shanghai, how could Weslie and friends miss this opportunity? But they did not know that Wolffy and Wolnie followed them there!


  • Music Director: Wei Qiliang
  • Art design: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Animation Director: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Animation design: Huang Xinhui, Zhang Meiling, Li Jingheng, Huang Xuehua
  • Producer: Cai Ruiqiong
  • Promotion: Li Feng
  • Production coordination: Tan Fei, Jiang Guozhong
  • Release: Li Lisi, Wu Jiale, Qiu Haiyan
  • Three-dimensional production: Xie Huixian, Lin Songqing
  • Post editing: Huang Shihong, Sun Caixia
  • Late synthesis: Huang Qianxiong, Lao Zhentao
  • Sound production: consistent digital
  • Editors: Jiang Dan, Wu Zheng, Chen Sa
  • Screenwriter: Wu Yingying
  • Director: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Producer: Liu Manyi, Li Huaiyu
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Producer: Zhang Ying, Zhang Dazhong
  • Producer: Guangdong Original Dynamics Culture Communication Co., Ltd., BesTV
  • Instructor: Shanghai World Expo Coordination Board


  • Zu Liqing for Weslie, 世博会服务人员 and 法国馆证婚人
  • Zhang Lin for Wolffy
  • Liang Ying for Paddi and Wilie
  • Deng Yuting for Tibbie, Jonie and 榴莲小星
  • Liu Hongyun for Sparky and 笑翠鸟鹏鹏
  • Gao Quansheng for Slowy
  • Zhao Na for Wolnie


No. Title
01 "China Pavilion"
"Zhongguo Guan" (中国馆)
02 "India Pavilion"
"Yindu Guan" (印度馆)
03 "Israel Pavilion"
"Yiselie Guan" (以色列馆)
04 "Thailand Pavilion"
"Taiguo Guan" (泰国馆)
05 "Singapore Pavilion"
"Xinjiapo Guan" (新加坡馆)
06 "New Zealand Pavilion"
"Xinxilan Guan" (新西兰馆)
07 "Australia Pavilion"
"Aodaliya Guan" (澳大利亚馆)
08 "Finland Pavilion"
"Fenlan Guan" (芬兰馆)
09 "Swedish Pavilion"
"Ruidian Guan" (瑞典馆)
10 "Switzerland Pavilion"
"Ruishi Guan" (瑞士馆)
11 "Belgium Pavilion"
"Bilishi Guan" (比利时馆)
12 "Austria Pavilion"
"Aodili Guan" (奥地利馆)
13 "Poland Pavilion"
"Bolan Guan" (波兰馆)
14 "Germany Pavilion"
"Deguo Guan" (德国馆)
15 "Luxembourg Pavilion"
"Lusenbao Guan" (卢森堡馆)
16 "Italy Pavilion"
"Yidali Guan" (意大利馆)
17 "UK Pavilion"
"Yingguo Guan" (英国馆)
18 "USA Pavilion"
"Meiguo Guan" (美国馆)
19 "Russia Pavilion"
"Eluosi Guan" (俄罗斯馆)
20 "France Pavilion"
"Faguo Guan" (法国馆)


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