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"Adventures Under the Apple Tree" is the first episode of Happy, Happy, Bang! Bang! and the first episode of its story arc "Paddi's Side Story".

Title Card

The beginning shows a book with the words, "Paddi's Side Story" written on the cover. After flipping to the first page, it shows Paddi sleeping under a tree before an apple hit his head. Then it flips to the next page showing the title of the episode.


Paddi has a dream where he meets "Grandpa Almighty", an old man who can fulfill his wishes. Paddi first asks for a magic carpet so he can travel through Green Green Grassland without having to walk. Then he asks for some cake and then asks for it to be nighttime so he can sleep.

But too bad, that was all a dream. Slowy wakes him up, asking him if he heard what he said. Paddi foolishly answers, "No walking, No studying, No exams!" Slowy slams him onto his desk and gives him some cherry seeds. Slowy tells Paddi that he is leaving for a few weeks, and they need to plant the seeds he gave them. He also tells Paddi that Weslie is planting sunflowers, Sparky is planting watermelons, Tibbie is planting peaches, and Jonie is planting grapes.

Wolffy was watching as Slowy left, believing that without Slowy, the goats are no match for him.

After going home, Wolffy tells Wolnie about his plan, saying that he's going to switch their seeds with something that will kill all the grass. Wolnie gets mad, thinking he wants to starve the goats to death. Wolffy then tells her that they will travel outside to get food, and he placed a trap in front of Goat's Village.